Our Story

Started in 2008, Basso Construction was founded on the idea of making your ideas a reality. We believe in training the next generation of carpenters, including those who may have not previously had the opportunity to learn. We specialize in commercial renovation as well as building custom homes and other residential remodels. We are trained to carry your projects every step of the way from design down to the final build.

Our Commitment

We work our hardest to meet all your expectations! We’ve worked on some challenging requests before, but we know how to find the perfect match between reasonable and possible. With us, you’ll feel comfortable and safe on our sites, and we seek to make each experience with you a pleasant one.

Tim & Barbara Short

Our Founders

Basso Construction was founded by Tim Short (Construction Manager) and his wife, Barbara (Office Manager). Tim has over 30 years of experience in both construction and construction management. He enjoys being a part of every phase of construction — from design down to the finishing touches.

Our Crew

We are proud of our crew at Basso Construction! While relatively small (usually between 5-15 crew members), our goal is to help individuals improve their knowledge and experience in various stages of construction. We value a strong work ethic and desire to improve in our employees. Thus, we strongly emphasize on-the-job training and refining construction skills within our crew. On top of that, friendliness with clients is something you’ll always find in our team.