Dusquene Historic Renovation

Dusquene Historic Renovation

In one word, it was “disgusting.”

Years of mold and decay infested the building. The power, long-ago shut off, left the halls and rooms dim and difficult to see. Floors creaked and moaned under the weight of occupants and walls. The plaster was peeling off the walls, which exposed the rough, broken slats beneath that make up the walls. Years of sweat, urine, and feces had infused the very walls with an unbearable stench.

And this building was to become the upscale offices for an up-and-coming law firm.

“That building was awful when we started on it,” said Tim Short, General Manager of Basso Construction. “It had been broken into, vandalized, and it was not a sanitary place to enter into. It took weeks of careful demolition just to get to the point it was decent to go into, and we had to strip the building back to its framework and start over. You go in there today, and can’t even fathom what it was like before we started.”

After months of careful planning, followed by many months more of renovation, the Dusquene Building now gleams proudly in the daylight.

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