Huppins Building Renovation

Huppins Building Renovation

The Project

The Huppins renovation was one of our larger commercial projects. It was joined with the Dutches Building, both of which occupy Main St between Washington St and Stevens St. The scope of the project was to gut the interior, rebuild the storefront, and renovate the "shell" of the building's interior. We also had the opportunity to build out a few of the Tenant Improvements a couple of years after the shell was finished.



The Huppins photo store was once an eye-catcher on Main St in Spokane, but it had become dated in its color scheme and design, and Huppins had moved to a new location. Various counters, signs & lettering, and other store equipment was left over in the interior space, and the restrooms were disgusting (the smell of the bathroom carried throughout the back storage spaces). The first impression walking upstairs was that you had stepped into to the past. The mint green was a bit out of date, and it had a midcentury feel with the other interior features. Needless to say, the building was ready for a recharge.

Old Huppins Storefront

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The storefront was decked out in the Huppin's getup and color scheme.



We had several projects that had to be done as the project was in the process of completion. We added an elevator to the basement connecting to the upper floors, we replaced all the flooring to create a level platform to build on, and we rebuilt the layout of the bottom floor. This was another project that allowed us to see the process from dated, decaying building to a fresh, historic space for several new businesses.


Removing Decal and Exposing the old storefront

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Building Shell

The new Storefront from the interior

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Garages & Upstairs

Framing the layout of the back hallways

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Finished Spaces

Austin BBQ


We really enjoyed building out the space for Austin Live Fire Barbeque!

Upper Floor Spaces


As the main floor was being renovated and businesses were occupying those spaces, we also helped build out office space on the 2nd floor. Lately, we've recently built some spaces for Tickets West and Maplewood. With each space we've focused on implementing modern styles in unique ways such as reclaimed wood walls, exposed brick and plaster, and fresh layout ideas.

All-in-all, we were able to ensure that there were newly designed spaces ready to be used by incoming businesses. On top of that, we also regenerated the life of the building in renovating a functional and fresh shell connecting business spaces to the garages, restrooms, and upper floors. And to top it all off, our signature storefront design is the first thing you see of this revived commercial space in downtown Spokane.