“The Box” Numerica Building

“The Box” Numerica Building


The 1953 Box, named for it's truly box-like shape and exterior appearance, was previously a downtown bank in Spokane. Our task was to take the existing layout and gut it out in order to divide up the building into multiple usable tenant spaces. This also included adding an additional stairwell connecting the main floor and the basement.

Along the Way

Finished Spaces


One of the highlights in the GenPrime TI was taking the old Bank vault and transforming it into a conference room.

Numerica Credit Union

As the feature business of the space, there are several features that make this space inviting. The internet café counters and custom floating ceiling are among them. Other features not pictured include custom LED lit walls and a water feature.

Nystrom + Olson

One of our first TIs to be completed on the second floor.

Edwards Lalone Travel

The first of our completed TI spaces on the second floor. With quick access to the skybridge and an open concept feel complemented with glass window walls.